Is Cranberry Juice Good For Kidney Stones?

  • By: Paula
  • Date: October 24, 2022
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is cranberry juice good for kidney stones

It is important to understand what is in cranberry juice and how it affects kidney stones. In this article, we’ll talk about oxalate, calcium, phosphate, and pH levels. You’ll also discover the benefits of cranberry juice for urinary tract infections.


A recent study showed that cranberry juice has anti-lithogenic activity, making it beneficial for kidney stones. This effect may be due to cranberry juice’s high level of oxalate (a chemical that crystallizes within the urine). In a cross-over randomized trial, researchers included 20 men. Half of the group drank 500 mL of cranberry juice diluted with 1500 mL of tap water. The second half drank the same amount of cranberry juice diluted with 2000 mL of tap water. The cross-over period was two weeks after the washout period.


Drinking cranberry juice has many benefits, including its antioxidant content and its ability to prevent urinary tract infection. However, you should be aware that it also contains high amounts of oxalates, which are known to cause kidney stones. If you have a kidney stone, it is best to stay away from cranberry juice.


Whether phosphate in cranberry juice helps prevent kidney stones has not been established. It is possible that cranberry extract may be beneficial in some cases. Cranberry juice, for example, may help prevent the formation of struvite stone, which can occur when alkaline urine is present. Brushite stones are uncommon but can indicate serious metabolic disorders. However, cranberry juice is not sufficient to prevent brushite stone formation. It may, however, reduce the formation of these stones by increasing the levels calcium and oxalate within the urine.


You may have been wondering whether cranberry juice is good for kidney stones treatment. Kidney stones are a common health problem and can be very painful. Luckily, there are several ways you can relieve the pain and get rid of them. The first is to drink more fluids. It can help kidney stones pass through the bladder.

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