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The Imaginary Food (Il Cibo Immaginario) is a company that believes in the power of food to bring people together. They create products that celebrate the joy of eating and connect people through the pleasure of good taste. Whether it’s their award-winning pasta sauce or their delicious gourmet meals, Il Cibo Immaginario makes it easy for you to share the joy of food with your friends and family.

Our team is passionate about bringing you the best-tasting, most authentic food from around the world. We believe that eating together with family and friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We’re committed to making it easy and convenient for you to enjoy your favorite foods anytime, anywhere. Thanks for choosing Il Cibo Immaginario!


Paula loves food. She loves the way it smells, the way it tastes, and the way it makes her feel. Eating together with her family and friends changed her life. It gave her a sense of community and connectedness that she never had before. It made her feel loved and appreciated and gave her a sense of belonging. She is grateful for the food that has brought her so much happiness.

Food is not only a source of nutrition for Paula but also a way for her to connect with her family and culture. She enjoys cooking traditional Italian dishes for her friends and family. They always enjoy eating her food and look forward to her next culinary creation.


Laura’s grandmother always used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. She was not only talking about romantic relationships but the importance of food in general. For Laura’s family, food has always been a way to come together and celebrate life. Her grandmother was an incredible cook and passed down her skills to her mother, who passed them down to Laura.

There is nothing Laura enjoys more than cooking a big meal for her friends and family. She loves spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and flavors. Her Italian heritage has taught her the importance of taking the time to enjoy good food and company. She knows that food can bring people together and create happy memories that will last a lifetime.

For Laura, food is more than just something to eat. It is a way of life founded on family, tradition, and love. She knows that no matter what happens in the world, food will always be there to bring people together and make them happy.

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At Il Cibo Immaginario, we believe that food is about more than just sustenance. It’s about community, love, and belonging. We’re grateful for the food that has brought us so much happiness, and we’re committed to sharing that joy with everyone we meet. Whether you’re looking for delicious recipes to share with your friends and family or simply want to learn more about the culinary arts, Il Cibo Immaginario is here to help.

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